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Qualified certificates from June 18, 2018
We inform you that from 18th of June 2018 qualified certificates will be issued and renewed only in the new SHA-2 structure, in accordance with the eIDAS regulation.

All qualified certificates issued or renewed before 1st of July 2018 in the SHA-1 structure do not expire after this date, retaining their validity as per the date indicated in the certificate.

Documents signed before 1st of July 2018 do not expire after this date.

Public administration offices are obliged to adapt and provide services in their IT systems in accordance with the eIDAS regulation. The changes are also supervised by the Ministry of Digital Affairs. Learn more >

SHA-2 in public and private institutions – Learn more >

In reference to all types of institutions, it is advisable to check by the electronic signature user whether systems, applications or applets are used with the feature of submission and verification of a qualified signature (e.g. ESP, EZD, ERP, other ...). In this case, it may be necessary to install an update or contact with the producer to determine update release or the conditions for receiving an update for support of the signature with the SHA-2 hash function.

Note: All signing and stamping applications used in various systems and services after 1st of July 2018 must form signatures by calculating hash of the signed documents using the SHA-2 function, regardless of whether the signature used by the signer was stamped with the SHA-1 or SHA-2 shortcut.